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About Us


In 2012, we started Annabelle's Cookies Gourmet Dog Treats because we were tired of feeding our dogs, Annie and Gracie, treats that were loaded with chemicals and preservatives. Since then we have established ourselves as a unique local brand of treats that cater to pet parents who are passionate about the health and well-being of man's best friend. 2015 has seen Annabelle's Cookies expand our reach with products for sale outside of Gillette, WY. We have sold products at trade shows and craft fairs in other parts of Wyoming as well as South Dakota, Colorado, and Montana. We have had customers from Connecticut, Minnesota, Florida, and Ontario Canada.
Annabelle's Cookies are homemade, all-natural treats that contain no added preservatives, chemicals, dyes, or artificial flavors. We select top brands for our ingredients so we can guarantee the highest quality treats for our fur kids. We have all of our treats tested for moisture, protein, fat, and fiber content so you can see, on the bag, just what you are feeding your pets. We are sensitive to special dietary needs of dogs, and continuously adding products to address those needs.
Annabelle's Cookies' promise to you: We will consistently deliver fresh, high quality treats for your dog, and personally guarantee our recipes and ingredients. We will remain passionate about the health and well-being of your dog. We will continuously strive to provide products that will help you love the way you feed your pets.